e n e r g y & c l i m a t e
e  x  h  i  b  i  t   s h o p

Most requested exhibits are:
401 Heat convection, 403 Super rattelback, 
411 Waste sort, 416 Generator, 420 Fossil free maze

401 Heat convection

Use your muscles in a fascinating exhibit

403 Super rattleback
Anti-spinning giant rattelback

407 CO2 pollution
So much air is CO2 polluted every year

408 Energy conversions
Run a monitor with water power

409 Wind power

Wind power depends on wind speed

411 Waste sort

Sort metal waste in containers

413 Bio fuels

Full tank, different fuels - how far can I get?

415 Electricity fusing

Why do we use fuses?

416 Generator
Simple principle behind a generator

418 Recycling

Amount of CO2 saved by recycling .

419 Transport fuels

Learn to differ fossil fuels from sustainable

420 Fossil free maze
Challenging game - avoid "black holes"

421 Wave energy
How does a wave enrgy plant work?