g e n e r a l   p h y s i c s
e  x  h  i  b  i  t   s h o p

Most popular exhibits are:
22 Resonant wawes,  26 Pythagorean theorem,  49 Soap cylinder, 
85 Ball wall and 201 Collaboration

General physics

General physics

4 Rotating window

Fools your brain!

7 Hoovering ball

The Coanda effect makes the ball hoover. Best in show?

12 Parabolas


13 Gyro
Strange forces

16 Tornado

Explore the physics of an interactive tornado.

22 Resonant wave
This exhibit explains radio waves and sound waves.

23 Polarized light

Weird colours.

26 Pythagorean theorem



27 Chaotic pendulum
The unpredictable thing

31 Multiple reflection

Look into infinity!

33 Harmonograph

Make beautiful harmonical graphs

37 Stereo hearing
From where comes the sound?


45 Curved water

Water jets that turns right and even back!

48A Lighthouse level 1

Colour mixing.

49 Soap cylinder

Get inside a bubble!
54 Sound pattern

Laser, membrane, mirror.

58 Van der Graaf-generator

What happened to Ninnie's hair?

66 Your mothers nose

Compare parts of your face with your relatives.

67 Wawing clouds
Look first at the rotating spirals

80 Standing waves

Standing waves

85 Ball Wall

Use your fantasy to create tracks for the ball.

104 Interactive mirror
Modify your face!

110 Floating stone
Miracle on water


111 Carousel
Feel the power!

112 One million
is a huge number!

Space exhibits

201 Collaboration
Mount a rocket!

202 Black hole
Black hole orbit

203 Separate worlds
Talk to space from 
earth kiosk

205 Cosmic organ
Play soft tones when hit by supernovae particles
25 Illusions
These exhibits are mounted on 800*800 mm foamboard. 
More information upon request.

Chess shadow
Which square is the darkest?